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In the quest to select the best knives knives possible, there are several points that you must put into consideration. Firstly, consider the type of steel it is made of. There are different qualities for various blends of steel as developed in many countries.

Usually knife manufacturers primarily use conventional steel while companies which go for better quality use a lot more nickel in making knives in avoiding rust formation. Another type of steel is the Spanish steel. It is stronger than any ordinary steel and enables the blade to be sharpened much finer.

However, you can not find this often as it is not marketed well due to its expensive cost and scarce availability. There is also the Japanese steel which usually has a Japanese style of blade.

The type of blade is another thing that one must look into. There are only a few types like for example, the v-shaped blade and the mentioned Japanese style blade. The V-shaped blade is very sharp and usually requiring a lot more of maintenance. It doesn’t mean that it must be sharpened every once in a while but when its blade becomes off the center. If this happens, it needs to be corrected thru sliding it on a metal rod.

This type of blade was most commonly used by more countries in the world because it was an easier method to attain constant sharpness. On another note, is the Japanese style blade. It is very sharp and stays sharp for a longer time. This type of blade is ideal for cooks who do not like to often realign blades but needs to be sharpened more oftenly to maintain its ideal sharpness.

Lastly, cooks should keenly select a kitchen knife with a full tang. The kitchen knife’s blade should run all the way through its handle. Strength, weight and balance are well-maintained in a knife with a full tang. Also, a full-tanged knife allows visibility in fastening the handle on each side of the steel. This also makes the steel viable on the knife’s top and bottom handles.