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Bunmei Japanese kitchen knives are true to form. These knives have very sharp edge that makes this knife so attractive to the sushi chef. They have Molybdenum-Vanadium stainless steel blades with razor sharp edges for precise cutting and slip resistant specially selected wooden handles with black bolsters.

Bunmei knives have a good variations for thin cuts and clean slicing, they are Deba, Yanagi and Usuba.

Bunmei deba knives are made in traditional Japanese styles, these kitchen knives are excellent to use when preparing sushi and sashimi.

The deba knife is somewhat heavy very good for fish fillet preparations and slicing boneless meats. The Usuba knife is good for slicing fruits and veggies.

Tako sashimi are traditional sashimi knives broadly used in southern Japan regions. This kitchen knife’s razor sharp edge will help you prepare the food you want right in your own home. It has a square tip because the point is nonfunctional. Bunmei knives are clever blend of Japanese tradition and high technology.